Matt Smith

Software Designer | Business developer

Not one single toy in my childhood survived more than a month! My intrigue into the inner workings of my childhood possessions was too great to ignore and I took a screwdriver to every one of them. I loved understanding how they worked, how the circuits controlled the motors, which turned the gears which drove the wheels on my RC cars. I loved to make new things out of old and combine items to make new, re-purposed combination.

This obsession has continued into my adult life however instead of pulling apart toys I now pull apart numbers, data and systems to come up with better ways of working. This obsessive approach to knowledge and learning has lead me to make innovative changes in every role I’ve held by seeing things in a way that others haven’t been able to. This knowledge has also helped me to network easily by having the confidence to discuss any subject broached.

My personal life consists of off-road driving with some wild camping, geocaching (a form of orienteering) and sustainability projects such as Aquaponics and alternative energies. I really do love to learn and I love to understand, if I come across a subject I have not yet encountered I learn all there is to know. It’s addictively satisfying to then apply what I’ve learnt to enable my possessions to function in ways they couldn’t before that better suit my purposes.